World Tracking in WebAR



i tried using World Tracking in WebAR and getting an error that my device is not supported but it actually is and it works fine in the Zapper app.

Tried on an recent iPhone and Android device.

Is this actually implemented/possible on the WebAR or does this only work in the App?



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Currently, due to browser technology limitations, World Tracking is not supported in Zappar WebAR. We’re still developing World Tracking for WebAR, however, we won’t be able to give a timeframe on it at this time.

In the meantime, we’re working on an alternative to world tracking called Instant Tracking; be sure to check our forum post here for more information.

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New to Zapworks, struggling to get to grips with a few things...Please help! :)

Ah cool, thanks for the info and tip.
Sorry i didn’t saw that before, that’s really helpfully!


Whats the update on World Tracking with WebAR, is this close to release or is it already working?



Last I heard they will not be doing it anytime soon. They are working on a better Instant Tracking.