World tracking crash on Android

I’m trying to create a World tracking project but when the device start to detect the floor, the camera freezes (see the image)

I tried with other projects, same result… just on ios devices the projects runs.

Someone with the same problem?

Hi Sofita,

Could you please contact us at letting us know what phone model you’re using (iPhone 6s, Samsung S8, etc), it’s iOS/ Android version, and share with us a ZPP of your project?

Hope to hear from you,

Hi, having a similar issue with world tracker when launching a preview in the app.

Brand new Pixel 3 (hours old) updated all apps and Play services for AR.
Camera/video freezes when placement hand/grid appears. HandGrid continues to work but camera is frozen.

This crash also occurs if i preview the Coffee table example, as well as my own project. The helmet example works fine however.

No issues on my previous Pixel 3. This is currently Android 10 (suspect this is the issue here?)
Hours old factory refurb from google.

Edit : have upgraded to Android 11 Build RQ1A.210205.004, unfortunately freezing issue persists.

Also freezes on the World Tracking Hotspots engine demo.

Many thanks in advance,

WindTower.zpp (4.2 MB)

A video of the camera freezing occuring during a world tracker preview. This appears to occur on all world tracking project file tests, including exploded eyeball, coffee table and engine hotspots.

Edit : Ok, so it’s crashing on non-zappar AR things too :frowning: Attempt to load google animals and I can briefly spot the “Google keeps stopping” before it fully crashes back to search.

This brand new Pixel3 was a replacement because mine was bricked overnight while sleeping as google pushed out an update. At least the RMA’d it, but what is going on over in Android dev land? And any suggestions to get ARcore/Play for android running properly or am i out of luck?

Same problem on iphone 13