Working with bits


Hi guys,
can you explain me how to create a zapcode like this one?zap


Hi @pierobortolot - have you checked out our advanced Zapcode customization guide?

That should provide you with the info you need - let us know if not :slight_smile:.


I found there the image. There is wrote that you can play with bits. But not how to create the image. Thanks


Ah I see what you mean - so the guide I linked is about all of the criteria you would need to consider to customize your zapcode while keeping it functional. How you go about doing that would be a graphic design question, so you would just need to use whichever design software you felt most comfortable with - such as Photoshop.

We do not have specific guidance, as there are a wide array of software available to achieve this. If you’re unable to do this yourself, you may need to ask a freelancer to create it for you, according to your own specifications.

There may be somebody on the Forum who would be happy to do that for you?


Thanks for the reply. That was what I meant.
I’m not very able, but I’ll try


Best of luck! Like I say, I am sure somebody here should be able to help - give it a try and see how it works, we can always provide tips and feedback :+1:.