Workflow - Importing Symbols / Triggering symbols


Hi! I need help here with a workflow issue.

I’m doing an AR content for two magicians, the number consists of doing 5 sets of tricks, each one of them contains video, and 3 of them contains interaction (buttons).
I’ve managed to create these five content individually (each trick has its own project and QR code), but I would like to merge them in one single experience, with a menu, giving the viewer the option to navigate through the tricks as he/she likes.

My knowledge in programming is super basic, I’ve managed to create the project by browsing here some questions, but I couldn’t solve these puzzle of getting everything together.

My concerns: The size of this final project. Each experience is about 90mb to 100mb.

Doubt: Is there a way of doing it “merging” the .zpp files as symbols? I mean, by importing these tricks as symbols and trigger them with buttons?

(I’ve tried importing the symbols, but I couldn’t make them restart or stop as the button is pressed.)

Thanks in advance!


One final note.

These five project if imported as symbols, can’t be triggered by a timeline. All of them are in “state mode”.


Hi eloisebento,

I’d recommend you take a look at our article on Optimizing your experience to reduce the size of your AR experiences. It’s most likely that your video content is taking up most of the space in your experiences; consider reducing their resolution to 720p.

I’d also consider that instead of merging multiple experiences into one large experience (via symbols) you create a project with triggers, which when scanned, acts as a menu. Each of the buttons on the menu takes the user to a different experience through using Deep Links.

Hope these two articles help,