Workflow - Importing Symbols / Triggering symbols


Hi! I need help here with a workflow issue.

I’m doing an AR content for two magicians, the number consists of doing 5 sets of tricks, each one of them contains video, and 3 of them contains interaction (buttons).
I’ve managed to create these five content individually (each trick has its own project and QR code), but I would like to merge them in one single experience, with a menu, giving the viewer the option to navigate through the tricks as he/she likes.

My knowledge in programming is super basic, I’ve managed to create the project by browsing here some questions, but I couldn’t solve these puzzle of getting everything together.

My concerns: The size of this final project. Each experience is about 90mb to 100mb.

Doubt: Is there a way of doing it “merging” the .zpp files as symbols? I mean, by importing these tricks as symbols and trigger them with buttons?

(I’ve tried importing the symbols, but I couldn’t make them restart or stop as the button is pressed.)

Thanks in advance!


One final note.

These five project if imported as symbols, can’t be triggered by a timeline. All of them are in “state mode”.