Workflow best practices?


Hello! I emailed support about this already but I wanted to check to see if anyone here on the forum could/would reply faster.

I’m curious to know what everyone’s workflows are for when there’s multiple people working on a single ZapWorks experience.

Currently me and my coworker are exporting a .zpp every time we make changes so that we both have the most up-to-date version of the file on days I’m not in the office, but I feel like it’s incredibly clunky and inefficient. Up until this month I had been working solo, so I could just close ZapWorks Studio and rely on the cloud auto-save without much worry.

Is the auto-saved version of the experience only available on my local machine/my ZapWorks account? Or if my coworker were to log into my account would he have access to my files in progress?


I believe the auto-save is only on your local machine.
When I have worked with others we would take turns. I have used things like dropbox or google drive to share the zpp file. It is clunky and inefficient way to work. One has to wait as the other works.
Keeping a version number up to date is very important. If you don’t you could miss changes.



This is not really a good idea, but if you really need to develop with someone else, try breaking up the projects in multiple subsymbols. This way each of you work on a single subsymbol and there’s less conflict.


Michael Wheeler here. Zappar has a lot room to grow when it comes to workflow organization. Folders for assets and other things would be very helpful.

And I agree with Markus: break the project down into sub-symbols and assign each to different people. I’ve found that’s a good workflow for projects for one person as well. Exporting the subsymbol as a zpp also creates a library of reusable components.