Work In Progress- 'Engaging and Retaining Talent' Pre-Course Work


I know the saying up all night workumg on it. Was up to midnight more then ones. So do you have left? Anything I could help you out with?



Thanks so much for checking in!
I have great news- my AR experience final works, with the support of @Seb. I’m now adding the Easter Eggs to it (gotta have Grumpy Cat lurking in it).

I also updated the Survey Monkey ‘call to action’ of reflecting and responding to the AR experience. This part of the experience, although outside of Zapper, is vital both to the learner AND the facilitators. The learners have a chance to process the content and make connections to it. The facilitators gather data (from the survey and Zapper) both to gain insights into the participants and to jump start the conversation during the Instructor Led Training (which the participants will attend after they have experienced this AR during their online registration).

The last step is to submit the application to the contest- which I’ll do shortly (it’s past 9:00pm already).

BTW, I updated the trigger image to the one below:


I just submitted this project! Now it’s time to get some sleep…



Nice job!
Did you make the videos?
Are they real videos or timelines in zapper?
If real what did you use to make them?


Ps. Found the Easter egg :smile:


Hi @stevesanerd,
Yes, I made the videos. I first used Audacity to record and do post-production on the audio voices. Then I used GoAnimate to create the characters and then animated them. Finally, I edited the exported videos and made them into a square format in Camtasia.

Did you find both Easter eggs? There’s a taco and Grumpy Cat!


I’ll have to look into GoAnimate. Do you have an account with it our just used the free trial?
I found the Grumpy Cat just went back and found the taco. Nice! :smile:


We have a team account with two seats. It’s a great animation authoring platform. I can show you links to some other animations I’ve created in the learning/training space, if you’d like to see them.



@johnny.hamilton Congrats on you zap making the top list!


@stevesanerd, @Seb
Thank you and the whole Zappar team for setting up this competition. It was a huge push and a lot of work to make it happen- I would not have put in so much time so quickly if it wasn’t for the competition. And now I have an awesome AR MicroLearning experience that is energizing and inspiring our Design and Delivery team to create more experiences for the programs that they are developing. This competition has been a wonderful catalyst for rapid change.

Thanks to everyone for your support- I honestly could not have done it without you!

I look forward to learning and doing more in the learning space.