Wireframe mode and key navigation



I really think that a great tool such as Zapworks Studio deserves a basic wireframe mode, because sometimes it’s a bit tricky to go to Hierarchy and edit any Visible property of objets to sort a scene. Or is it something I missed somewhere? (a search on the forum and the documentation didn’t helps).

Also in the same idea, having more shortcuts for basic camera navigation (Front/Back/Side views) would improve the navigation a lot!

Thanks for all :slight_smile:


Hi @MrPropre,

Thank you so much for the kind words!

Having a wire-frame toggle is not something currently in Studio, but I think it’s a great feature request.

I’ll pass it onto our dev team and see what they say.

Adding more shortcuts, to improve productivity, is also something we are looking to improve. Would the shortcuts you are explaining just change the camera view, much like what we have in our burger menu near the Media Library?

Don’t forget to post any projects you have created (however polished) to our show and tell thread!

All the best,


Thanks George for your reply.
Yes, I think three keys to allow moving the camera in Front/back/side view would be enough in a practical way. Right now they are in a submenu which is a bit out of sight and hidden for such a basic feature.

Also, a simple grayed Grid on X, Y, Z axis like every tools helps a lot to remove depth confusiness… I did a basic 3d coding environnment for my art students before and I remember the basics to make people into the 3d buisiness quickly :wink:

I hope to show some creations soon… I will lead an art workshop in Asia soon and would like to introduce Zapworks to my Students :wink:


I really think that wireframe mode should be on the top of Zapworks Studio priority to do list. Working with mask and a few object in the 3d view is really painfull… how to understand the space when a simple box with videos texture are displaying all white because no previews are possible with mp4?