Why am I getting this message on my iPhone?

I created a universalAR experience using Unity and the Zappworks package. When I open my terminal and get the QR code to scan for my phone. My iPhone shows me this message.
Then when I visit the site anyways, the project never loads. Does anyone know why this is happening and how to stop it? Thank you!

Looks like you are self hosting. IE your address is a local IP address.
If you are doing WebGL (What I like to do) I zip the build file and then post it to zappar.


Do you need to pay a subscription for this?

Using Unity and the Zap works module, I constructed a universal AR experience. When I open my terminal and scan my phone’s QR code

For local testing no. But if you want to share it with others then yes.
I just found it easier to publish then setup the in house server.


I did the same thing and receive the error message above

Hello @johnson.kat.g

Taking excerpt from my other post where I explain about this warning message along with other general usage.

Warning message on localhost: "This Connection is not Private"
When hosting your build locally via Zapworks-CLI you’ll get this warning message, which is absolutely normal. The cli generates a self-signed certificate to enable HTTPS which is required on some browsers to request for camera permission. The browser complains about this certificate since this is not registered publicly. For local testing you can always accept the warning and continue.

The “Your connection is not private” error often occurs when your browser notices a problem while creating or verifying a SSL connection. A valid SSL certificate makes a website run on HTTPS. While on public domains the websites with problematic SSL connections aren’t reliable because they’re prone to security issues. However, since you’re testing your project locally within your LAN it’s almost perfectly fine to accept the risk and continue to your own website.

Further, after continuing if your website (UAR project build) doesn’t loads then there’s something wrong in the project configuration or hosting directory. Please go through some of the suggestions option in my other post, which should help in building unity UAR project and read the hosting guide for testing it (Make sure your index.html is reachable from browser).

Also, you can host up to 5 projects on Zapworks for free with Hobbyist license (read more about this here). So the choice between testing your project locally using Zapworks CLI or hosting online at Zapworks is literally your own choice.

Hope that helps in clarify the concern and building the project.


If you Show Details and visit the site and still have an issue, you could have a variety of causes. If you have a Mac, you can use Safari to run the Developer Tools and check the Console for errors to see what is happening.

On any computer, you could always try loading the local URL as well and check the browser Console and Network panel for JavaScript errors and 404 issues.