White labelling


Is it possible to white label a Zappar AR scene? Simple question I know!



Hi @technology - are you referring to white-labelling the Zappar scanning technology itself?

There is the possibility of licensing the Zappar SDK so that it can be integrated into a branded app, which can involve the creation of custom zapcodes so that they feature brand imagery and so on. There’s further information about that here:


Let me know if that’s what you were referring to :). Hope that helps!


Yes that helps - but is there a way to do it if your company doesn’t want or have an app?



Hi @technology - in which case, do you mean creating custom zapcodes with different branding (i.e. removing the standard lightning bolt logo and replacing it with another branded design) - but scanning it via the standard Zappar app?

If so, this would not be possible without a custom solution, which would require development time on our part. The standard Zappar app is trained to recognise regular zapcodes - so a custom code would require a custom SDK to scan it.

On this point, it’s also down to consistent messaging from a user experience point of view. The core strength of custom codes is that it allows you to maintain the same branding between a scannable code and a brand’s app - it’s the same aesthetic throughout.

Hopefully that helps? :slight_smile:


That helps thanks.


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