While importing an 3D object (.obj) to zapworks it turns out FLAT. PLEASE help!


Hello, I’m a beginner at the platform and have an school assignment to work on. The project requires face tracking 3d objects. The thing is… I have my file .obj and while importing mtl along with obj, I’m dropping at the same time files as said in the tutorial and on the window preview it appears FLAT. On top of which when I add the texture file it goes completely not right. Why does this happen…anyone? :frowning: Attaching some screenshots so you can imagine what I mean.


Can you save the file as a FBX or can you post them here. We maybe able to fix them for you.



Wow, that would be amazing. Sending the Zip file :slight_smile: Face.zip (3.1 MB)


I think the problem is you model is so large. what did you make it in?
Can you make it smaller then try to reload it.



It’s a scan generated in Qlone EDU. I don’t think size is the problem considering I’ve downloaded an 3d project of an helmet online that weights even more and it easily opened in Zap :frowning:


Sorry I tried to change it and exported it to FBX and POD I get the same thing. Maybe the guys @Georgecan help.

Here is my work files,
face help file.zip (15.3 MB)



Hi @aga.ihnatowicz,

Please take a look at this response from another thread.

I’d also recommend checking out our 3D Model Documentation, more importantly, the supported formats and requirements article.