Whether or not Google Analytics can be used with Universal AR by ZapWorks Hosting and the monthly reference price charged for Universal AR by Self-Hosting


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I have asked additional questions in the thread in the following post, but have not received a response, so I will ask a new question.

Thank you for your prompt reply.
I have read the answers and some questions have arisen.
I would like to ask an additional question.

In the description of ZapWorks Studio that you commented on, it says that if you host it on web.zappar.com, arweb.app, you cannot add third party logs.

All other experiences are hosted on web.zappar.com, arweb.app, etc and therefor we can’t add specific third party logs to that site.

Need to pay more than £5,000? Is it not possible to use Google Analytics with Universal AR hosted by ZapWorks in the first place?

I checked the following page about ZapWorks hosting by Universal AR.

If you wanted to use Universal AR, you are developing a website and integrating our AR computer vision libraries into that site

After reading your answer above, I thought Universal AR could only use Google Analytics if it was self-hosted. Is it correct?

For self-hosting, I think you will inevitably need to choose the Enterprise plan.

I would like to know the possible plans for building Zappar WebAR and Google Analytics other than “Purchase of a custom WebAR Splash Screen add-on” and the minimum price for using those plans.
Since the price of the enterprise plan is not disclosed, we would appreciate it if you could tell us the lowest price that could be helpful.

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Sadao Tokuyama


You may want to just email them and ask your questions instead of posting and waiting for them to get back to you.