Where is Universal AR Extended Tracking?

I was hoping to build a project using Unity and Universal AR to leverage the rendering capabilities of Unity with our existing Zappar workflow. I developed a Zappar Studio World Tracking experience and the feedback is the material/rendering quality won’t work.

I tested the Universal AR Instant Tracking sample project, but model moves around too much. I need a way to allow users to drop a model in their room and look around it to see details and information callouts. I was hoping to test Universal AR Extended Tracking, but there is no information or roadmap on when it might be available or how to start testing now.


Hi Eric,

In Zappar Studio, our World Tracking API is implemented as a wrapper around ARKit and ARCore for native platforms (and is just orientation only on the web and non-ARKit/Core devices).

We haven’t exposed that in UAR as it’s quite a lot of work to do so, and Unity already has ARFoundation as a common abstraction around ARCore and ARKit for native apps, so the value that our own abstraction would add isn’t super clear. It also wouldn’t work on the web, increasingly the primary target for those using our tools and SDKs.

Our current research focus is around getting our in-house world tracking feature complete and performing well - that will work the same across the web and native platforms, and will allow extended tracking (initialising position and scale from another target type, and continuing to track when the target is not on screen). This work will also allow us to improve instant tracking to reduce the jitter but maintain the instant placement.

We’re making good progress but as it’s ongoing research it’s difficult to offer any concrete timings, but “early next year” would be my current estimate.

Sorry it’s not better news, but hope that helps!


How is the development of extended tracking going?

@simon where are you guys on exposing your in-house world tracking for WebAR projects?

After that, how about implementing Extended Tracking?
I have been waiting for this feature to be implemented for 2 years.
I’m developing with unity, but I’m having a lot of trouble developing projects because this feature is missing.