When will the kit arrive,


i dont know if im in the right section here but i just wanted to know when i can expect the kit to arrive,
i paid for a couple of weeks ago and i based in the uk.

i have brought it for my wife so she can play the mni golf games and was hoping to have it over xmas.


Hi there,

Sorry about the late reply.

If you’re still yet to receive your ZapBox, could you let me know which email you used to purchase it so I can chase it up for you?



It’s still has not arrived yet. It was purchased with email address sut1576@msn.com.

Thank you

Hi again,

I’ve managed to find out a bit more information on your order.

Your order was passed on to our fulfilment partners on 2 January, and UK ones usually arrive within a couple of weeks of that date, so you can expect it any day now.

To explain the long delay between charging and shipping: We charged the cards for that batch in December as we were hoping to get one more batch of orders shipped before Christmas, but there was a bit of confusion with the depot about whether they’d completed shipping the batch before that one, so in the end it didn’t happen until after the holidays.

Hope that helps, and again, apologies for the delay.


thank you for the info, and please don’t feel the need to to apologies it wasn’t a complaint just a question in general.