When trying to search for something in the code, the to show the result with different color or bold


When trying to search for something in the code, to show the result with a different color or bold.
while using zapworks studio and by clicking ctrl + F , to show the result with bold font or using other color

Thank you all.


Hi @eliaskhs,

Thanks for your suggestion :slight_smile:

Performing a search result in Studio’s code editor currently highlights code that matches the search term. We’re looking to make improvements to Studio’s code editor, which will hopefully make these highlights easier to distinguish.

However, this won’t include the ability to make matching search terms bold (as text formatting such as bold, italic etc. aren’t available on code editors), or change the code’s colour (as the colour of code is controlled via the code editor’s syntax highlighting).

Hopefully we’ll have some more information to share regarding this soon.

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I still insist that “sysout” system to skip symbol.nodes/symbol.controllers would be good and a cool editor improvement xD

att, Higão.


Hey @higor,

The symbol.nodes / symbol.controllers etc. structure is used to access members in Studio.

For example, to avoid writing:


…each time you’d want to access the myTimeline object, you can create a reference to it in your script e.g.

const myTimelineVar = symbol.controllers.myController.elements.myTimeline;.

You would then be able to access the timeline via the myTimelineVar variable throughout your script, without having to write out the whole reference each time.

Hope this helps.

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