What Images are Supported for Tracking?


I just updated to zapworks 6 and I wanted to try out the tutorial “Streaming Video in the 3D View”. I downloaded the provided assets but the image file couldn’t be trained nor uploaded as just a media file. I got an error message saying the file was either too small and/or not supported. This was strange to me because it’s an asset from zapworks. I tried to see if I could train an image that I had already trained and used in a previous project. It didn’t work either. Now I am wondering if image files have a new standard on zapworks studio 6 than the previous version. Please help. I am stumped.


Hi @breannae.james,

Have you had a look at our What makes a good tracking image video?

If you are still having problems with this specific image, please send it to support@zappar.com where we will take a look into this.