Week 2 in isolation

There are so many striking observations about the world we now inhabit and so many poignant thought pieces written about these troubled times (along with a fair smattering of hilarious videos).

It won’t have escaped people that conversation starters have moved on from the phase BC (Before COVID-19) and after: if you’re British that would normally have been the weather or in 2018 and 2019 exclusively Brexit; If you’re of US persuasion it was more likely your trip to work (which Freeway?!). Well, now it’s all about the pandemic. Who’d have thought we’d yearn for the good old days of a discussion on the type of rain, Brexit to crosstown traffic?!

As we know all businesses are really the sum of their people. And all partnerships between companies are formed around strong bonds and relationships between individuals. Our commitment to people, their family and friends is paramount as we support each other in this global effort. We often refer to the Zappar Family and our ZapWorks community and they are foremost in our minds.

I wrote recently about the changing nature of time in these days of isolation. How we are now “time rich” rather than “time poor” in our period of confinement. Rather than producing a sense of claustrophobia and anxiety, more optimistically we can look to see how we make the best use of our time creatively, with new forms of communication and learning new skills.

With our devices as an evolutionary appendage, most of us are never more than a few feet from our phone. That provides an opportunity for our partners and ZapWorks users to start contextually relevant conversations with consumers in their news state of confinement. Whether that’s for product visualisation, remote learning, training, instruction or pure entertainment for fan engagement - using the camera for AR provides a new canvas for spatial storytelling.

Which is why you’ll see a whole load of helpful tutorials, webinars, competitions and product features to try through ZapWorks now and in the weeks ahead to make the best use of your time. Our team and support staff are here to help and see how you can get the most out of AR for you and your business as you look at new ways to connect with your consumers.

So between rewriting your forecast for the Nth time; speaking to your travel agent about refunds for the next cancelled conference; rerouting your opex and marketing budgets to change your Out Of Home to At-Home media and D2C channels; homeschooling; and stretching to avoid your spine collapsing from your awful home office chair and desk combo be safe in the knowledge that we’ve got your back.

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Now the main thing we talk about till date is covid. Now it’s a little bit different, with the new omicron virus coming to town. We’re only lucky that’s there’s a vaccine, so no more restrictions on travel or anything like that or even lockdown