Weblink in Photosphere 2 - Closes to PhotoSphere1


I have a project where the user goes to Photosphere 2 to click on information links. I have some direct Video Player symbols that work fine there. WHen I link out to a URL and close it the view goes back to Photosphere 1. Then the user has to navigate to Photosphere 2 to select another web link. Is there a way to send the user back to Photosphere 2 after viewing a web page there? It does that in both the Zappar Browser and External Browser so it is when you hit the Back Button on the phone it does this.

Thanks for any help with this!


Please disregard this question. I left Pointerdown code to transition to Photospher1 in the button that goes to the URL! Doooooo!


Thanks for not removing this. Helped me a lot and also saved my time.