WebGL Mobile REALLY slow startup


On Android and iOS, the startup time for a WebGL app takes up to minute. It is pretty much instantaneous on a PC. This is very bad. No one is going to want to use an app that takes that long to start up.
This happens in all of the demo builds and anything new that I create.
I built and tested using Unity 2019.3.15f1 and 2020.2.f1.
Please fix this ASAP!
Thank you!


Hi @dave.hathaway,

Thanks so much for your feedback - I just wanted to give you piece of mind that we are aware of this loading issue, and although there is no timeframe, we’re currently in the process of updating our Unity package in general; so there are some pretty cool things on the way!

Please be sure to keep an eye on the downloads page to install the most up to date package.

Have a great day,
Francesca :blush:


Thank you for the update but anyone with any development experience would know that you prioritize usefulness over ‘pretty cool things’.

A bug like this could, obviously, be causing many other major issues.
The fact this MAJOR bug has ‘no timeframe’ for being fixed leaves me quite concerned as to the viability of your platform and to the competency of the people making these decisions.

Also, I just downloaded the ‘latest’ Unity package and it’s the same one from THREE MONTHS ago!!! Is anyone even working on this???



Hi @dave.hathaway,

We’re currently preparing a release which will speed up the load times and address numerous other bug fixes. Rest assured we’re priortizing bug-fixes and performance.

Thank you for your patience,