WebAR world tracking not supported error on supported device


I’ve been having this issue for the past few days now. I’m using a Samsung S21 which definitely supports world tracking and does so using Designer projects as well as the template World tracking project in studio. However, as soon as I remove the default model and try to preview the effect I get the not supported popup…

Yeah - I’ve just noticed this on phone X, ipad pro 3rd gen & google pixel 2. Then when you DO place the object it wobbles around terribly. Am going to try the Instant tracker in Studio 6 and see if that fares better.

Hi everyone!

It’s great to hear that you’re developing some world tracked experiences - please allow me to clarify some confusion between our world tracking types :globe_with_meridians:

First up is our traditional World Tracking - this is intended for native app deployments (Zappar App, custom app, app embed) only. The reason for this is because with the traditional World Tracking implementation, we require AR Core or AR Kit (which allows us to get important tracking information from the device).

Due to web browser restrictions, we are unable to use AR Core or AR Kit in the web. This means that if a device does not support ARKit or ARCore (or you are launching a traditional World Tracking experience in the web browser), traditional World Tracked experiences will use the device’s gyro to update its orientation. This is why you may see the ‘Unsupported’ dialog.

You can learn more about World Tracking for native applications on our documentation here :rocket:

That leads us onto Instant World Tracking, which is a kind of world tracking type which we built for WebAR (AR in the web browser). Unlike traditional World Tracking for native apps, Instant World Tracking doesn’t rely on ARCore or ARKit and so is supported by the vast majority of mobile browsers.

To use this tracking type, simply go to our documentation site here and download the template. Then, once you have previewed or published your ZapWorks Studio project containing Instant World Tracking, you’ll need to scan the experience by using one of the WebAR sites listed below:

https://arweb.app (Lite Branded Distribution)
https://beta.zappar.app (Beta Zappar branded Distribution)
An Enhanced WebAR Distribution site

Hopefully this is helpful!

Happy creating!
Francesca :blush: