WebAR - Shaky - Buttons reveal



  1. I published a video tracked to a QR Code with WebAR. The image has strange micro-shaking…it “trembles”.

Is there a solution to that? The Video is about a minute long.

  1. Also, it looses easily the tracking to the “learned image” with the QR Code.

How could I improve my customers experience?

  1. Can I reveal the buttons towards the end of the video?

Thanks for any suggestion
All the best


Jittery images on a tracked image is usually due to a tracking image that isn’t the best qualty. Have you tried taking a look at the best practices for tracking images?


Like @biroatlas said jittery tracking tend to be because of the image.
Also when you trained the image did you set it to be upright or flat?
will this be played from a card on a table or something like a poster?
You can right click (pc) the tracing image zpt file in the media library (Right side) and look at the properties to check.

As for button yes just use the on finished code to show the button.