WebAR - intermittent user error


Hi guys,

We’re running a WebAR campaign where the user can launch via a deep link.
i’ve personally not experienced this issue, but have received a few similar comments from users:

  • able to click on deeplink - takes them to the red Zappar WebAR page
  • click on launch
  • the loading icon appears but it doesn’t launch the experience and rather show the attached error message.

Have you encountered anything like this before for WebAR/ deeplinks?



Hi Johan,

I was unable to replicate your issue using my Android phone, however it may be to do with the browser being used, or permissions being set for the browser.

If the link is being opened in a ‘lite’ version of their mobile browser, or if they’re using a mobile browser that’s different from the default, it can cause the user to not be able to launch the experience.

Alternatively, if the user has rejected camera and other permissions when going to web.zappar.com, it can also cause issues.

Could you please get in touch with us via support@zappar.com so we can take a deeper look in to your issue for you?

Hope to hear from you,


Hi @Bob thank you so much for the feedback - I’ll get in touch with Support.


@johancwalters or @Bob, was this ever resolved? I have an experience I am working on and 2 users on iphone are running into this exact issue. It works fine on iPads, though.