WebAR Image-Tracked Business Card?


Here’s the WebAR user experience I’d like to create:

  • User points phone camera at business card.
  • Image-tracked experience launches using that business card as the tracking image.

As best I can tell, deep links seem like the way to accomplish this. However, when creating a new project in my ZapWorks account, the description for the Deep link trigger type says (emphasis mine)…

…which seems to state that I can’t do what I’d like to do. I don’t understand why image-tracked experiences won’t work with deep links. Is there a way to do it - a work-around?

Basically, I’d like to eliminate as much friction as possible between the user and experience. Simply pointing the phone at an image would be ideal. I’d rather they not have to point to a QR code first.

Any way to do that?


Ah, ok. I just discovered this in my ZapWorks account…

So it seems it merely a recommendation that it not be used for image-trracked experiences simply because the deep link can be shared, and there’s no guarantee the user will have access to the tracked image.

Not sure why that’s not stated in the description for deep links. Anyway, I’m going to give it a try…


Ok, I don’t think this is going to work EXACTLY the way I want because, obviously, mobile devices won’t recognize the image right off the bat. The user must first visit the Zappar web portal. The closest I can get is to have the user scan a QR code to get to the web portal.

After confirming/authorizing visiting the URL, they must then tap the Launch button to access the experience. Why is that last step needed anyway? Is there a way to bypass that and simply launch the experience as soon as the user visits the web portal?


Ok so deep links are used for jumping from one zap to another or like a web link you click on to load it.
You will need to scan a zap code or a QR code to get your experiences to load.

If you want it to use the WebAR you can give the WebAR address (https://web.zappar.com/) with your zapcode number added to it. but scanning a QR code is faster.



Thanks, Steve, I just figured all that out. Is there some way to load the experience immediately upon visiting the web portal instead of requiring the user to click the Launch button?


For right now I think we have to. It’s still in beta so they may change it with an auto load from QR. @Seb @George any input?



Feel the same :roll_eyes:


Hi @planmundo and @shot,

The launch button is necessary due to browser restrictions as we need a ‘user-initiated event’ in order to:

  • Request permission to access device motion data
  • On some platforms, to request permission to access the camera
  • To play audio