WebAR experiance in Air

Good day, dear developers

We need to create special effects for the outdoor concert stage in our city. We are holding a festival and would like to place an animated performance above the stage. The user has to point the camera at the QR on the screen of the stage, and then see some magic.

Is there any way to place objects just by tapping on the phone screen, i.e. fixing objects in the air? Image tracking unfortunately not working for far image markers(we tried it), and standard world tracking not working in our ios devices. So have we any other ways?

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While tracking to “air” is a bit tricky, I wonder if this is a situation that extended tracking can solve? There’s not a subsymbol within Studio, but there’s a thread about it here. That being said, if you’re having issues with the tracking image being too far away, that may not be an option for you, as it requires a tracking image to start with.

As far as I understand it, all experiences within ZapWorks require some sort of target/anchor, which is usually an image, a textured ground plane, or someone’s face. You could mayyybe just create a screen-relative experience, but the object would be locked to a portion of the user’s screen, regardless of the backdrop. UI elements like buttons are typically screen relative, but in theory, you could build an entire experience just using screen relative elements…but I’m not sure that would serve the purpose of using AR software well and would likely be better created using a different software…just a thought there though.

All tracking options in ZapWorks require a fair amount of detail for the tracker to latch onto, so having an experience anchored to the air—which effectively means anchored to nothing—may not be possible. I’m more than happy to be proved wrong, though.

For further reading, you could check out these Docs pages:

Yes, I understand that it’s difficult.
The marker, whatever it is, is not read from far away in an already running project. I even tried to degrade the quality of the marker and take photos of buildings (distant objects), but then the experience is unstable.
Now my team and I are thinking of trying out the Universal SDK with Unity and WebGL. We would be very grateful if anyone has done or seen similar outdoors projects.

You may want to look into using a photosphere. You can use it with out a photo but you can place things in the air from the user at the center.

You may want to also look at Simon’s post here (https://forum.zap.works/t/world-tracking-user-position/3564/8))