WebAR doesn't unlock


Hello everyone!

WebAR doesn’t unlock after tapping the luanch button since June 1st. Stops at 2\3 of circle. Support don’t response for 4 days. The projects work perfect with the app, webar doesn’t work only. I tried to create new projects with the same result. Does anyone have the same problem?


Hi @harry.eld.137,

Sorry to hear you are having problems. We haven’t received any support tickets from your email, can you confirm you are trying to email support@zappar.com?

In regards to the issue you’ve explained, it’s most likely that the experience contains an error or something that is unsupported in the web.

Could you please attach (on this thread or send to support@zappar.com) the ZPP of the project and/or the published QR code / zapcode?

We can take a look into this specific project for you and try report back what is causing this issue.

It would also be great to know which device / browser you are using when this issue occurs.



Hi George,

Thank you for the response. I wrote to support@zappar.com from parkkosa@yandex.ru and kolchev@helmeton.ru . The QR code is here

It worked correctly as a demo on my personal account and more than a month on the our client’s account. It would be great if you could tell me what to fix in the project.


Hi @harry.eld.137,

Thanks for reporting this and sending over the QR code. Looks like you’re right, seems like there is an issue introduced with the latest Chrome update. We have a fix in the works and hope to have it deployed tomorrow. I will let you know on this thread once it’s live!

I believe my colleague Connor and Fran have been in touch directly via our support email, apologies for any delays.



Glad to hear that it wasn’t just me. I thought I did something wrong in the coding.


Ps. Some of my WebAR work but my newest one doesn’t. If that helps.


It looks like the problem was solved: I reduced the size of the textures to 1024, everything works.


Hi @harry.eld.137 and @stevesanerd,

We’ve deployed a fix for this issue. Turns out it was an underlying issue with a new Chrome update.

Please do let us know if you are still experiencing issues.

Sorry for any inconvenience this caused.



thanks for the info.

I found that on Apple it would work but on my Samsung it didn’t. I changed the textures size and now it works.

@George still didn’t work till I changed the textures size.



I still having the same problem. It worked yesterday without animation. I add an animation today, it seems no error in zapworks studio, but the unlocking screen get stuck when I scan the zapcode or qrcode