WebAR Camera View Flips Upside Down


Hi there,

Has anyone experienced their camera view in WebAR suddenly flipping upside down before? The phone orientation remains the same (toolbar remains on top), it’s just the entire camera view that flips, and therefore the tracker and AR experience itself.

Experienced this on Android Chrome. Unfortunately I do not have a recording for this and have not been able to reproduce it.

Any help is appreciated, thanks!


Hi @ashlee.fms,

Sounds like a strange one indeed! I wonder if you could answer a few questions so we can try to work out what might be going on here:

Does the camera flip during the experience itself?

Does it start flipped and continue that way?

Does this happen on the same device / browser for all experiences or is it just one specific experience?

Which Chrome version are you running?

These answers will be super helpful for our troubleshooting process.