Wall Tracking

Is it possible to have wall tracking?

Hi @stephen2,

Although our world tracking implementation is built upon ARkit and ARcore (both of which have vertical plane tracking) we haven’t exposed ‘wall’ tracking in an easy way.

What I’d suggest is a using world tracking and having an indicator asking the user to place their anchored content in line with the wall. Once placed, the content is then position up in the Y axis, giving the effect that it’s tracking to the wall.


You can give it a try here (needs to be scanned in the Zappar app as it uses full world tracking):


Download ZPP of the project here: Wall Tracking Example.zpp (1.3 MB)

There’s a few caveats to this method:

  1. For the content to track well, the floor must be textured. Usually close to a wall there isn’t as much texture as there might be in the centre of the room.
  2. There can be some slight drift when the anchor (on the floor) is out of view. This does use full world tracking so will do it’s best to hold it’s position.
  3. Requires testing and hard coded Y axis. You can get around this by allowing the user to move the content up and down on the Y axis in the experience but would require some more implementation and pointermove events.

Hope this helps.