Virtual Reality - headset


I have followed the documentation to create a headset mode for a VR scene - however when I scan the code my screen on my device is split in 2 but it just shows me the room I am standing in, rather than the image I am attempting to use.

Are there any really thorough tutorials out there for this?



Hi @technology. This tutorial on photosphere transitions (Part 5 specifically) details out setting up the headset functionality. This is the walkthrough that introduced me to the functionality. Hope it helps.


Great, thanks a lot. I’m presuming this uses the same principle as 360 panorama and is not interactive but more like a space that can be viewed?



Correct. You can create elements within that are interactive as shown in the tutorial. You should be able to make the 360 photosphere (in a world track space that set’s the location) big enough that some 3D elements could be placed inside of it to provide a more interactive and immersive experience. Good luck!