Virtual drum set experience

Hello all,

I’d like to share my first in a series of virutal instruments that I’m preparing for my music classes. The poster is in french, but it’s pretty self-explanatory. I just have to say that it’s such a pleasure working with Studio 5. It has really come a long ways since last year.



Hi Tom,

This is really fantastic, thanks so much for sharing your project with the ZapWorks community. There’s a few drummers here in the office and we’ve had a lot of fun playing around with the virtual drum kit this morning!

Really glad you’ve found Studio 5 such a pleasure to work with. We’re always looking at ways to make our software as flexible and exciting as possible but we can’t do that without users like you sharing experiences and feedback with us, so it’s much appreciated.

We’d love to hear how this and your other virtual instruments go with your music classes, make sure to show us! :drum::smile:

Thank you so much for your encouraging reply! I’m still adjusting the pointerdown planes to make the triggering more accurate and consistent, but I’m so glad that you find it fun!

I just completed a second instrument. This one is a harmony synthesizer. It plays a short piano loop on the selected chord, allowing students to construct interesting harmonic progressions using chords from the C major scale. My intention is to have several posters with different instruments in my music area and having students start a sort of ‘jam’ session using the different instruments. Here’s a small version of the synthesizer poster :

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Hi Tom,

You’re very welcome, it’s impressive work! It can certainly be a learning curve but it looks like your project is coming on really well and I’m sure the community can help on the forum if you need any tips or advice.

Been having a go on the synthesizer in the office today and it’s really cool - I like how seamlessly the harmonic progressions work. Can’t wait to see what your students create during a jam session - it’s certainly going to be noisy!. Which instruments are you planning to work on next?