Videos in a book, for use in WebAR only


Hi all
Bit of a tricky one - has anyone seen an example of a picture book being activated to show video content in the WebAR browser, but without needing to scan QR codes on every page. What this probably means is building the content in Zap Studio but can this even be done???


Hi @technology,
This is definitely possible in Zappar Studio.
The functionality has already been discussed in previous forum posts.
What you need to do is that for one single project in studio (one zapcode) you need to have multiple target images.
The technical specification can be found in the following forum post.

Hope this helps.



OK thanks but does this apply to projects using WebAR only? No tracking image or codes?


You can run your experience through WebAR, without using any codes.
However, the whole functionality is set up such that you need multiple tracking images.


Oh I see so I create the scenes in Studio then have key images that trigger videos?


I know you can with the zappar app. Haven’t tried it with webar yet. But I wouldn’t do more then 5 pages. After that it get slow. Also every page has to be unique otherwise it will miss scan each page.



Ok thanks, they’re talking about 30 pages.

Still not really sure how it works


I wouldn’t even try that. when I did 7 cards it took up to 10 sec to lock on and show my info.