Videos are duplicated


Using Designer, I upload an MP4 video and include a scene transition after the video finishes playing. Once the video starts there is an arrow in the lower right corner allowing the viewer to expand the video and go full screen. However, if the viewer does this, after completing the video they are taken back to the same “scene” where the video is playing (smaller screen) from the beginning.

Has anyone seen this issue before, and more importantly can it be fixed?


Hi Reena,

When a video in Designer is played full-screen, playback will begin in an external player i.e. not in the Zappar app.

The Zappar app does not receive callbacks from the external player for any video events (such as the video finishing), so when control is returned to the Zappar app the experience will continue from the state it was in before full-screen mode was launched. As this is standard Designer functionality, it can’t be changed unfortunately.

Let me know if you have any other questions.

All the best,