Videoplayer not working on WEB AR?


which folder are you talking about?


what folder are you talking about?


When you use hosted video files you will need to add a file named " .htacces "
In the file you need this code.

Header set Access-Control-Allow-Origin "*"
Header set Accept-Ranges "bytes"

Save this file on your website in the the same folder as the video file.



im using AWS, this is a screenshot of it, do i do it like this?


Yep! I am using AWS as well and mine looks the same.



hey steve im still getting a blackscreen, what links did u put for video url and do i have to do anything other than uploading the htaccess file, what other troubleshootng steps can i take?


I have my main S3 bucket “folder” set to Public

And this under CORS

Here is a zpp file that I tested with WebAR
3DVideo help.zpp (1.0 MB)



omg finally got it to work, sorry for the questions and thanks so much!


No problem!
Glad you got it!

Here is the tutorial link for the file I send you.



Note, that there’s a typo, the file must be with double s at the end: “.htaccess”. That is also wrong in the screenshot from @adriananton_11 although he got it to work later (where he also wrote the filename correct :wink: )


Hi - I’m hosting my vid on S3 as well and don’t see where I can access the CORS configuration. Any pointers? - REVISED - I found CORS configuration. Can you copy and paste the code into a reply?