Video Recording WebAR


Is Video recording an experience possible in WebAR? Also with option to save to your albums or share?


Hi Will,

Currently video recording for Studio experiences launched into WebAR is not supported. It’s not possible to assign a video texture in the browser.

Creating an experience using Universal AR does allow video recording in the web browser with the ability to save and share in a similar way to the snapshot functionality in Studio made experiences. We will have some more public information and documentation about this in the near future but feel free to get in contact with to learn more.



thanks for the update george. Recording and sharing experiences is a fundamental requirement for all our clients. And more and more clients are wanting WebAR.

Do you have any documentation or tutorials on how to do it Universal AR?


Hi @wil,

We don’t have any documentation for video recording yet. I’ll be sure to post a thread on the forum as soon as we do!



How can I get this to work? Can you recommend a programmer? Do you guys have any code that we can copy/paste to allow for recording in WebAR??

Again, this is a very basic feature that all clients are asking for.