Video Recording WebAR

Is Video recording an experience possible in WebAR? Also with option to save to your albums or share?

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Hi Will,

Currently video recording for Studio experiences launched into WebAR is not supported. It’s not possible to assign a video texture in the browser.

Creating an experience using Universal AR does allow video recording in the web browser with the ability to save and share in a similar way to the snapshot functionality in Studio made experiences. We will have some more public information and documentation about this in the near future but feel free to get in contact with to learn more.



thanks for the update george. Recording and sharing experiences is a fundamental requirement for all our clients. And more and more clients are wanting WebAR.

Do you have any documentation or tutorials on how to do it Universal AR?

Hi @wil,

We don’t have any documentation for video recording yet. I’ll be sure to post a thread on the forum as soon as we do!


How can I get this to work? Can you recommend a programmer? Do you guys have any code that we can copy/paste to allow for recording in WebAR??

Again, this is a very basic feature that all clients are asking for.


Hi there, any updates on this for Studio and WebAR?

I’ve seen a couple videos floating around with this functionality but have been unable to find documentation.


Hi everybody, I hope you’re all doing well - it’s so exciting to see that you are so passionate about this feature! I just wanted to pop in here and echo George’s responses, as well as hopefully provide some new information :grin:

As mentioned, we’re currently at the mercy of the browser - it’s currently not possible to assign a video texture in the browser, which is what makes this a bit tricky. That said, our Universal AR SDKs give you a lot more control and so you should be able to video record in the browser without these limitations.

We’ll hopefully have some more information and documentation to talk about this in more detail in the future, but for now, I’ll direct you to our Universal AR WebGL video-recording library, which is available via standalone download, CDN or as a NPM Webpack package. This page does have instructions about installation and usage so hopefully this is helpful!

Have a great day and happy creating!
Francesca :blush:

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Thank you @Francesca for the clarification!

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Hi, I have problems- this option does not work… Give a real example of connecting this library zappar/video-recorder. :сонный:cold_face: For the screenshot- yes, it is normal, but not for the video…Who has already done such a thing help! Canvas in Unity3d- makes a mistake.

Hi zizi. If you need to record your Unity webgl experience, I’ve made a plugin for that. It will work with UniversalAR, and it has the advantage of being able to record in-game audio as well. Zappar’s video recording can only record audio from the microphone.

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Hay @marks question.
Can you explain your #7 on your plugin.
You can download the recorded file in mp4 or webm (depending on the browser).
I would need to save or share mp4. What browsers would have a problem.


At the moment, most browsers record on the webm format. Safari on iOS records on the mp4 format. The output depends on the browser. I suspect once Safari fully supports webm on mobile(because Safari on desktop fully supports webm now, but it’s also something new) the recording will also be done in webm. Webm is the web standard format for videos. Safari is the only browser lagging behind as usual, because Apple doesn’t give af.

If you want to share, you also need my ShareNSave plugin, which is a plugin that can generically share any file on the web that can be shared using the web share api. It obviously supports the files created by my recorder plugin. But it can also be used to share images, audio files, text, etc.

Technically speaking, you can suggest to the browser to record on any format you want, and my plugin supports that. But in the end it’s the browser that decides, and from my tests they always record in webm format, except for Safari that records on mp4.

If you absolutely need to record on the mp4 format, my plugin doesn’t support that. Because in the end it’s the browser that decides the format, and at the moment they ignore the request to record on a specific format and simply records on one format, which is webm for all browsers except Safari, which records on mp4.

Why do you need it to be mp4 though?

How to make the recording quality excellent? HD is trending now. Hello. I did it. But only in the Untiy3d version 2019.3.15. It means that it is a very old version and it has not developed. Another point is the speed, frame rate.the quality is all very low. And if I change it, it doesn’t get any better…Why are there so many barriers? (1.8 KB)