Video Recorder


YES!! it can!!
In @George zpp file go to the videoCaptureCode and change line 29 to true and it will record audio.



thank you so much bro @stevesanerd always a big help!


I was playing with it some more. He set it up as a subsymbol so all you have to do is add it to your project then drag it into the hierarchy. It will then have a reference to use the mic or not.



Hi George,
I tried to use this feature with the web ar, but it seems that doesn’t work. Is it possible somehow?
Many thanks!!


Hi Marco,

The video recording set up is not currently working in WebAR. There aren’t suitable web APIs for it or at least no suitable API that is implemented on Safari IIRC. Video recording is not officially documented as we are looking to tweak the implementation to improve stability.

We have a number of exciting new features on our WebAR roadmap which our team is currently working on (world tracking, improved face tracking). As always, we will keep you updated with these and let you know when video recording is fully functional in our WebAR technology on the forum.



Many thanks George for the quick reply!


Wow! Thank you so much… I am new in Zapworks Studio and this contribution will be help me a lot.


I tried the file and publish it…but the button record can only snap picture, video record didnt work, got error “An error has occurred - please try reloading the page.”


Thank you for sharing but I also tried the file and publish it, but same experience with @helmitachi. For me the camera view freeze when I press and hold the button. Any update on this? Does this still work?

Thank you.