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Hi all - I really would love to learn how to play a video on the face of a business card, using ZapWorks Studio. It is nice and easy to do in Designer, but I want to get as much as I can out of Studio, and this feature is an important one for me to learn.

I cant find any tutorials or videos that may show this process - I do understand it can be complicated, but any guidance that can be offered to a newbie would be appreciated. Please also keep in mind, this is all new to me - I am a quick study, but don’t have much background knowledge — YET!

tx all


Hi @carl,

We have a great piece of documentation that shows how to import, assign and play a video in the 3D view -

Give that a follow and let us know if you get stuck. :slight_smile:



Hey there George
Thank you so much for this very useful link - I made use of it, followed carefully and am excited to have been able to successfully create a playing video in 3D view!!

I have now just battled a bit - if I bring in a tracking image and try to “fix” the video onto that image eg, a business card - then I am not having success - I can hear the video playing, but not see it … ?!


It plays fine in this view - but not once I publish or Preview the card …


Hi @carl. Would you mind sharing your studio file? It will make it easier to assist. I find video to be one of the more challenging aspects of working in Studio and I’m happy to offer a second pair of eyes.



Never mind - got it working :slight_smile: tx again for the input …


Hi again @George

I have spent some time learning as much as I can - and I don’t think I’m doing too badly LOL
I am stuck on one thing though, and would appreciate some help if I may ask.

I have done a business card and made use of buttons and timelines to bring in images and a video.
However, the video does not play in the timeline and is just static on the first frame … I can’t seem to figure out how to get it to play … ???

This is the image for you to view the work …


Hi there - I don’t mind at all! In fact, highly appreciate it! I managed to get the video working btw. However, I have now put the video in as part of my timeline, and although all is working perfectly, the video shows the first frame, but does not play … not sure what I am missing :smiley: I’m attaching the exported CARL - Custom AR Labs.zpp (22.9 MB)
file …


Hi @carl,

Love the project. Interactive business cards are a great AR use case! I made a couple of adjustments but overall you had everything in place. The video just needs to be told what to do and when to do it. For this example, I set it up to start after the animation completes when the experience is activated.

My Solution:
First thing I created a new script and added the video variable. I set up the video to play on the completion of the key and lock animation. Then I set the video to restart on completion so, in theory, it should just loop. Here is the capture of the script:

It now starts after the content appears. Below is a link to the documentation to add some additional context to the video adjustments and attached is an updated version of the studio file.

Let me know if you have any questions. Good luck with your project.

Info On Video:

CARL - Custom AR Labs_VideoAdjust.zpp (22.9 MB)


Oh wow… I am extremely grateful. Thank you so much.
Really enjoying learning this platform, and looking forward to gaining new skills each day.

Very much appreciated :slight_smile: :+1: