Video Play in front of Photosphere


I have a 360 gallery with images on the walls. When the user selects an image on the wall, I would like a video to play full screen ( not affected by AttitudeOrient as well) . The video should have a"Pause/Play" and a “close” button that would hide it and show the 360 Gallery back again. It can’t be the standard full screen video since that would not have an onscreen button that would return the user to the PhotoSphere to look around some more. You have to use the phones back button to close the video. I would prefer all the controls stay within the program if possible

Thanks in Advance for yout help


Hi @eprentice,

The example project provided here demonstrates how to display in-app fullscreen video.

You can create your own buttons by importing images and adding pointerdown scripts to their nodes. Create a reference to your video node in the script and call the start function on the video node in one script, and pause in the other.

If you’d like to use a single button to play and pause the video this explanation by @jvouillon is very helpful.

In a separate pointerdown script you’ll be able to call the visible function on the video node to make it appear/disappear.

Hope this helps.

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Thanks so much for the Note Sebastian! I will check it out later today and report back!


Thanks for the note, that worked out great!


Great to hear @eprentice! :slight_smile:

Best of luck with the rest of the project.