Video on Plane


I am trying to include a video in mý image tracked AR. THe video should be played on a horizontal plane I placed behind the image marker and be started the moment the marker is first seen. How can I do that? Before someone asks, I am very new to zapworks.

Little Update: I was able to make the sound play on a preview by adding the Variable for the video in the showscript and starting it on seen. However the video still was not played on the plane. Is there a tutorial or maybe a video on how to do this?
UPDATE 2: The video works on the mobile app but not on the browser.


I’m glad to see your make progress! :clap:

Per your last update, if you are playing a video with WebAR depending on how your are hosting the video you may need to change setting at the host site.

Is the video in the zap or on a site?



It is still in a zap, I havent hosted it yet. I am trying somethings out before I host it and present it.