Video flashing first frame at end (Designer)


I have a video on one scene and have it transitioning to another scene that looks the same as the end frame on the video, but right before the switch, the first frame of the video is flashing after the video plays before going to the next scene, which is making the transition more jarring than it should be. Is there some setting or trick to stopping this weird transition?


Hey Tiffany,

There isn’t a way inside Designer itself to change this, however I’d recommend that you re-edit your video to insert your last video’s frame in to the first video’s frame.

Hope this helps,


This is happening to me as well. Not sure why it is since I am following the tools that Zappar has provided for easy scene transitioning.
Although you have recommended that I insert the last video’s frame into the first, it still glitches either way. There is a momentary split second in between the two videos where the transition is simply it plays an unwanted frame from the first video. The transition between scene 1 to scene 2 is not smooth, which is strange when I have specifically selected the features that allow me to automatically play scene 2 at the end of scene 1.
Is there a current glitch in Zappar Designer, as no matter what options I choose, I cannot seem to overcome this strange transition?