Video does not play on Cloudfront [Solved]


I’m creating Image tracking AR content now.
I uploaded a video on AWS Cloudfront, and edited Video URL in videoplayer symbol.

But, it does not work correctly like picture.

I can see that video in the browser.

At a test, I try to put in your sample video ( instead of my video, it works fine.
Do you know the cause?


Are you using WebAr? Can you play your videos from in a web page with your link address?
I had to set mine to public so anyone can see it. Also I had to add cors for the webar.



Thanks, Steve.
I can see my video in web browser via link URL or html5 test web page (ex.
I try to add “CORS”.


I did it! The reason seems the cause was “CORS”。
Thank you, Steve.


Glad to help.

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