Video capture


Hi there @George @james.wright @stevesanerd @jvouillon

Is there anyone help me to have a basically sample (zapcode) of the video capturing with Zappar?

( A ZAPcode, I can test that feature with it).

It will be very helpful for me?

Thank you


Found out from some posts on here it will only work with Android devices and not apple. So do you still want to use it?



Hi @stevesanerd
Thanks for your reply
Yes it will be very helpful for me
Thank you for your help


Here is a sub symbol to make Gifs- videos. Is’t the photo op symbol changed to just do videos. there is no help or 2d/3d model subport. It just takes videos. you can flip the camera. BUT unless things have changed it WILL NOT SAVE ON APPLE DEVICES!! You should be able to share it but I have not tested it.

Video Feature.zpp (999.0 KB)


Hi @stevesanerd
Thank for your guidance :pray: