Video buffering


Hi, sorry for my English, but I’m Brazilian.

My question is regarding the buffering of the video. I created an AR and it does a 5s load before starting the video. The video has a size of approximately 3.5mb. How to fix this?



Hi @vinicius_lemmos,

You should check out our documentation on ‘Filetype Support’ and more importantly, the section on videos. This explains the three ways that we support video feedback -

  • Full-screen streaming video - the 3D experience is paused while a full-screen video is played. The video must be hosted at a globally accessible URL.
  • External video host - e.g. linking to a YouTube or Vimeo video
  • Video texture - video playback is incorporated into the 3D video

You should try out the different video formats and see whether the video still has a buffering time. You will need to remember that bandwidth will have an effect on how quickly videos can load.

Hope this helps,



Hi @George, I used the Video texture option “video playback is incorporated into the 3D video” and it worked very well. Thank you for your guidance. Could you help me with one more question? How to play a video in a circle? Do you use any type of mask?

Thanks again!


Hi @vinicius_lemmos,

Glad you managed to get this working!

Yes, you can use a mask to create the illusion of a circular video. There is a step by step tutorial on how masks work with an example project here - Augmented Portal.

Although, there is an easy way, which follows creating an alpha video with the circle silhouette blacked out. We have a tutorial on creating alpha videos within Premiere and importing them into Studio. You can follow this while implementing an alpha circle over the video.

Let me know how you get on.