Using WEBAR shrinks my whole interface when in landscape mode

Hello, I am using WebAr QR code to launch my experience I have it in landscape position and when the experience is launched and rotated from portrait to landscape it shrinks my entire scene. i have removed all but the top tool bar but when i rotate the scene it rotates to the top it seems like i cannot create full size width and height scenes using webar and QR codes i dont have this issue when i use a zappar trigger code, anyone else have this problem or know a solution?

Hi @larnell32724,

I’ve responded to your support request but thought I’d add it to this thread as well just in case anyone else is running into a similar problem.

We don’t really recommend using landscape mode when using the browser, especially now Safari has forced the search bar along the bottom of the browser.

There’s a little snippet that resizes content based on the screen size. For the content you want to be full screen, you can add the snippet below to a child script:


For example:

When flipping from landscape to portrait, this Plane node will resize to fit the screen.



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