Using Unity Webgl Web AR on 4K portrait display

I’m using Zap AR Unity SDK for creating Web AR filter that is integrated in an AR PhotoBooth with portrait Samsung 52 inch 4K display and logitech 4K webcam.

Is the any way to increase AR camera resolution in order to increase image Quality?
Also user image is stretched on portrait screen.

Hello @development2

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There’s no way for user to control the camera image quality from UAR, it pretty much relies on the camera source.

Without knowing your exact h/w and platofrm setup, it’s bit difficult to help. But for stretched image, I think you may have different aspect ratio between the app host and display. The camera view frustum is updated based on the host screen resolution and aspect ratio. So using the same aspect ratio between your devices might help, but would need full setup details to see what’s amiss here.