Using unity Asset Store packages

Hi, I tried to add a tank to a tracker. The project built ok but when I tried to run in the browser I got an error saying webGL can’t be run in mobile. It worked fine when I put a simple cube there instead. How can I tell if an asset is compatible for webGL? Thanks.

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Hi @jonathanbehr,

Thanks so much for your question - the best way to discover compatibility with WebGL is simply by testing your projects!

I’d recommend checking out our Getting Started guide for the Universal AR SDK for Unity, as well as the WebGL Platform Support article which outlines how to best prepare your experience for hosting - for example ensuring you are using the correct template for your version of Unity.

Unity also has a great guide for WebGL performance considerations here:

Have a great day,
Francesca :blush:

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Thanks - issue was unity settings reset upon download.

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