Using gps data to show where something is in AR


My local water company is interested in using AR to show the location of underground utilities. For example their employee could walk into a yard, hold up a tablet and have an arrow pointing to where the valve is. They have all the GPS data. Does anyone know if this is possible with Zapworks?



@George Any thoughts on this? Thanks!


Hi @mgoins200,

This sort of experience isn’t really possible without some form of marker. We don’t have indoor localisation at the moment. Custom zapcodes placed in known locations would be the easiest way (near each valve).



There are dedicated solutions for this type of thing now. However, they’re not cheap. Here are a couple:

  • vGIS (ArcGIS-Powered AR)
  • Trimble XR10 (They also own SketchUp, the 3D modeling software.)

There are others as well. Just search for “augmented reality” and “construction” or “utilities”.

You could probably put together something rather crude using just mobile device GPS, but the accuracy likely wouldn’t be sufficient without some actual landmarks or other means for increasing location precision.


How can you access the mobile device GPS, via the browser, using Studio and running in Is there a simple script interface to the Geolocation API in the web browser? I don’t need high accuracy, 5-8m is sufficient.



I don’t know that you can. You’d probably need to use the new UAR. My apologies for leading you to think otherwise.