Using both tracking methods

Is it possible to use the “ImageTracker” function to recognize the marker and then use the “InstantTracker” function to track the marker once it is recognized?

If this is feasible, I would be glad to know how to do it.

Hello @takahashi.hiroki

Technically speaking yes, you should be able to switch from image to instant tracking mode at runtime. However, I would caution against this! Simply because the scale of tracking and distance of target would change between image and instant, which would result in visual difference (model jumping to new pose) when switching.

This is something we have considered in past… implementing as extended tracking mode, but haven’t got to it yet.


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Hello @Shubham

Oh, I see.
Well then, I look forward to that extended tracking mode coming to fruition.
Thank you very much for your thoughtful response.

Is it possible to create an image tracker to show a 3D button to switch to the instant world tracker with 6DOF? My idea is to use the image tracking to get the world space to place the 3D model in instant world tracker mode and have it possible to look around the model. If the coordinates will match up I can use some animation to first hide the button and bring in the desired object after, maybe have it drop from the sky?

Currently evaluating if we can use Zappar for unity webgl for marketing campaign. Have a poster with qr code to a link to the hosted website. Have image tracking on the entire poster to place 3D model and have people be able to walk around and look at the 3d model (real life size car model).

Any tips or ideas would be appreciated :slight_smile: