Using a real-world object as a target?


Hi team,
Just wanted to check in on something…I’ve seen something similar (I think) in some Zappar promo videos. People doing a scavenger hunt and after zapping a code they hold their device up to a Subway sign and an arrow overlays to point them in the direction they are meant to go…

So is it possible and how do we use a real-world object as the target image?
My scenario is that I want to use a piece of art (multiple pieces with multiple zap codes actually) on a wall as the target image to trigger an experience. Like the art pieces in the image attached

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.


You could try using the pictures you provided here as targets to be trained then test. They would have to carry a booklet of zap codes labeled for each painting to scan but they should be able to point at each code then the images on the wall and trigger your arrow or other content.

I haven’t used anything that big before, I am assuming they are larger images from the pictures, but the same mechanics work. You just have to incorporate the Zapcodes somehow.


Thanks, yeah that how I hope it will work. Using a photo of the wall as the trigger and the zap code will be stuck on the wall too.
But just wasn’t sure if there was something different in the setup for something this big or using real world images :slight_smile:


I have used wall sized target images. The results are REALLY impressive!


@donnav did you have to do anything different in setting up the experience with an image on a wall as opposed to just a smaller printed image target?


No. You just have to have a good target image that represents the wall properly (no things in front, lighting the same as the camera will see, etc.). It tracks really well.

The challenge is to get people to stand back when they have scanned the code! People have a tendency to want to stand where they were when they scanned the code, and don’t know to step back. You can work around this through programming! Have a pop-up indicate that they are standing too close.