URGENT HELP NEEDED!Tracking User File Uploads


Hi Everyone,

I trust you and yours are well.

I’m trying to convince one of my clients to try AR and im developing a POC for them.

My recommended solution, requires that their customers scan Interactive pages to upload user generated content(pictures) weekly for the duration of the campaign.

I need to be able to track individual users, e.g track that Mr A uploaded 5 images over 5 weeks etc.

How can i do this? can we also link uploads to social media pages? like can they load to instagram for examples.

Can we also have an interactive form that they can fill before each upload?

I have a presentation this week and would appreciate your suggestions.

Thank you for any advice you can provide.

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It sounds like your looking to do some kind of photo op. Yes you can share to social media pages. you can even set the hashtag. As for tracking you could use the social media site to track who has posted what. from zappar you can prompt for info but not sure best way to track it.maybe edit the hashtag (# photo op 1-by -steve)
As for a form I have seen people use mailchimp web link.



Thank you for your response.

i do have some additional questions if thats okay.

  1. Its actually a competition of sorts, to encourage kids to save, need to upload a picture weekly for a period of lets say 5 weeks, to get a qualify for a prize. How do we confirm they’ve uploaded weekly 5 times?

  2. What do you mean when you say i can set the hashtag, regarding sharing on the social media pages?

  3. Can i use the “User file upload action” to allow users to upload the pictures directly to Social Media, with the designer tool it uploads to Zappar servers i think?

  4. Your editing the hashtag suggestions is very interesting. We expect to get over 100 000 uploads weekly possibly, and we need to be able to track the number of uploads an individual makes to ensure they qualify.

5)Is mailchimp the only way to generate an interactive form. Thinking maybe if they have to fill a basic form before uploading, it can help us track.

  1. what are security like, the form will probably just ask for their names and contact numbers, and email, how do i ensure that information is secure?

We’ve been trying to get this company to use AR solutions for over 3 years, and they are really excited about the campaign we’ve designed around AR.

Being able to resolve the tracking issue would help us close this deal.

I appreciate all suggestions.




Hi @ennyfagbemi12,

We’ve responded to your email but for the benefit of our other users:

I need to be able to track individual users…how can I do this?

Creating and tracking individual users isn’t something that our ZapWorks tools natively support. However, if you store this database externally you may be able to retrieve relevant information by performing AJAX requests. Please note this functionality is only available on our Studio tool.

Can we link uploads to social media pages?

Media files are uploaded to ZapWorks during the creation of the AR experience. There is no ability for the user to upload their own media directly to the experience while it is running.

However, with Studio, you can prompt the user to take a photo. The resulting image can then be shared to social media sites.

Can we have an interactive form that they can fill before each upload?

While you could, in theory, create a custom form within a Studio experience, it’s much quicker to simply link the user through to one that is hosted externally on Google Forms or Survey Monkey, for example.

This also has the added benefit of being able to view analytics data for those forms directly from the site they are hosted at.

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Thank you very much, your recommendations are very helpful.

Is there any one we can speak to on the Zappar team and do you also create campaigns for clients, because we may need some help with this.

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Hi @ennyfagbemi12,

Thanks for the quick response.

Please may you send some more information as a reply to the email that was sent to you earlier. We’ll keep communication on that channel rather than on the forum.

Thank you,


Hay Seb let us know what you end up doing. I would like to know for future reference.