URGENT HELP NEEDED for 3D TV Model and Streaming Video


I’ve developed a simple experience for the ATD conference tomorrow in Salt Lake City based on an old Zappar tutorial that I’ve used successfully but I can’t find anymore. The attached file has a 3D model of a TV, a streaming video on AWS, and a trigger- that’s it. The trigger image has a QR code instead of a Zap code. I don’t know what I’ve missed, but the experience is not launching. Below are the assets. Any help from anyone is greatly appreciated.

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Book- Microlearning.zpp (5.9 MB)


Hi, the experience is launching, but the streaming video does not start…
May be this link can help



Thank you for your really quick reply!

Unfortunately, I’m quite rusty when it comes to coding, and need a little more detail on exactly where to place that header. Or if you could fix it and post the file- that would be amazing too. I understand that I need the support and kindness of others- and truly appreciate any help you can provide :slight_smile:.

If there’s an easier way to pull the video (i.e., YouTube), I could post the video there and then change the link in Studio.


Hi Johnny,
if i can help and your Video is not too big i can upload it on my server for the time needed…
Let me know


Hi Johnny,

Yup, this is a CORS issue. The CORS configuration needs to be set on the AWS S3 bucket - it’s a bucket-wide configuration (we use a dedicated bucket for our S3 content we want to be used from scenes). AWS docs are here: https://docs.aws.amazon.com/AmazonS3/latest/userguide/cors.html

I’m also happy for us to host it for you, given time is short - you can use something like WeTransfer to get a link, and DM it to me on the forum.

I’ve uploaded your test video to our S3 scene files bucket that has the right CORS setup, and can successfully play this one with your zpp in both app and WebAR (also replaced the + with a _ as I think it’s more URL safe):

Thanks for the cookie!

(ps: It’s a public holiday today in the UK but I’ll try to check every couple of hours for a response from you).