URGENT Camera issue with iOS 16.4

Hi I’m currently developing 3 projects with the universal AR for a-frame, my iPhone (14 Pro) just updated to 16.4 and I have a HUGE problem, the phone is now using the wide camera with both image and instant tracking modes.

Please I need to have this fixed ASAP since we are close to deployment, we have an enterprise account, if the publish procedure for a fix takes a lot of time, I would appreciate if zapp’s developers can guide me in what I need to tweak in the Zappar library to avoid this.

Thank you in advance!

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update to the new version:

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Hi @raziel (and thanks @eltron!)

I’ve also gone ahead and created a forum post on this which you can find here:

Have a great day,
Francesca :blush:

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Thank you very much I had a mini heart attack :sweat_smile:

All perfect now :slight_smile:

You can manually configure the camera settings within the library to specify the desired camera instead of relying on the default behavior. Review the documentation or source code of the zapper library to understand the available options for camera selection and make the necessary modifications. Please note the modifying library code can be complex and may require technical expertise. Regards

I updated my iPhone to iOS 16.4, and I’m encountering a strange problem with the Zappar library in my AR projects. It seems that since the update, the wide camera is being automatically used in both image and instant tracking modes, which is causing issues with the tracking accuracy. This is a critical problem for my project, which are close to deployment. I have an enterprise account with Zap, so I’m hoping for a quick resolution.