URGENT: a way to skip / opt-out of that cookies pop-up

Don’t remember that cookies pop-up being there last year. Thing is we (devs) don’t need/use cookies for the AR to work - and it’s adding measurable friction from our end. The only reason you might need them is to count unique visitors (rather than all visits).

Since we’re using AR as a marketing tool, this is a big issue for us - we make a big deal about “no app req’d”, and there are already several steps users have to go through (hit launch, cam/gyro permissions etc) to actually see the AR thing. Okay so cookies are common, as are those pop-ups, but unlike the permissions steps, there’s a chunk of text and a switch and a button on that cookie screen and it’s a fair bit of additional mental load and friction. We’ve had two reports from reps showing visitors how to scan the QR code but then baililng at the cookie permission screen. Not super tech savvy visitors, we think, but that’s terrible.

Our experiences load up directly from arweb.app - is there a way we can specify (perhaps in the querystring parms, alongside the z=deeplink and menu=false etc stuff) we want to opt-out of them? If it means we lose metrics, that’s not a prob for us - we’re handling that separately anyway.

Question - what are you using them for that couldn’t be handled without cookies?

Friction. It’s all about friction in this game


So @howiemnet,

If I’m right it’s the law in the UK that you have to ask and give the user the opt-out. With Zappar being in the UK guess what you get. Yep, pop-ups! From what I heard, there is much more than just cookies that get tracked. EX your two reports that show visitors bailing could be them just saying no to cookies and you not getting any other data from the visit.

Don’t think you will be able to get past it unless you move to something like UAR.


Yep - I agree you have to request permission if you want to leave a cookie, but I don’t get why Zap needs to leave a cookie in the first place. Zap doesn’t need to track individual users across pages or websites (and if they do they really ought to let us know why - if it’s purely so they can identify repeat visitors to exclude from the “unique visitors” count on the metrics page, we’d happily forgo that)

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